jueves, 12 de enero de 2012

Ruki, Aoi & Uruha in LM.C's Budokan lives [fan reports]

According to reports from people who went to LM.C’s live (8/1/12) at Nippon Budokan, Ruki, Aoi and Uruha were at the show.
Other artists who were too: Hizumi (ex D’espairs Ray), Hakuei (PENICILLIN) and Hiroto (Alice Nine). Hiroto commented it on his Twitter. HIZUMI was talking about he went to live today in a Twitter and Hakuei posted about this in his blog.
Fans who have come to live shared about this information on their blogs (Twitter / Ameblo). The girl who sat next to them told about this on her Twitter. About Aoi’s hair color, about how and what they were doing.
Some more comments were added by other people too:
A fan said they arrived before the show has started and they sitted in the area reserved for people who are related to the band. Manager > Uruha -> Ruki -> Hiroto -> Aoi (sitting order). That fan was closest to Aoi.
Aoi was wearing a hat so people couldn’t see his hair but the girl who was sitting near him said it seems black with pink/red highlights.
Uruha was without make-up and with glasses, he watched the show with his legs crossed. He also chewed gum the whole show.
Ruki got up in the middle of the show, he wents to the bathroom it seems. The fan said he was hyper and nervous during the show.

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